Bobby Newberry


Bobby Newberry is a Industry leading creative force. More than just a talented dancer, Newberry was inspired to find his own dance style, a combo of hip hop and stylized movement. His unique and relevant pop-oriented style of dance caught the industry’s attention. Newberry quickly became an in-demand choreographer.

Newberry’s creative genius as a choreographer led to an outstanding list of credits spanning live/stage, TV and music videos including a MTV VMA for best choreography in a music video for the Pussycat Dolls “When I Grow Up”. He worked with Nicki Minaj doing all movement coaching and choreography for The number one hit “Rake It Up” for the music video and all live stage shows. He has also worked with Eminem, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott, DANITY KANE, and television shows, X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman and America’s Got Talent. Bobby Newberry has performed all over the world and also opened up for DANITY KANE on their ” NO FILTER” tour as an artist. Bobby has been featured on billboard, Advocate, Instinct, Perez Hilton, pop sugar , pride official to name a few media outlets.

He also has over 3 million listens on Spotify and is constantly Spotifys discover weekly artist and He has over 40 million views on YouTube as well.

  • Bobby Newberry & Yanis Marshall at MDC

  • Bobby Newberry at BellaMoxi

  • Bobby Newberry at Broadway Dance Center

  • Bobby Newberry at MDC

  • Bobby Newberry at BellaMoxi

  • Bobby Newberry