Christian Lalama


As of October 2018:

380K Followers on Instagram
Engagement: 5.91%

14K Followers on Facebook
0.64% Engagement

12K Followers on Twitter
1.12% Engagement

@Christian Lalama
265K Followers on YouTube

1.03M Followers on TikTok

At 14 years-old, young artist and influencer Christian Lalama has gained high following on almost every social media platform, showcasing his talents as singer, musician and digital personality. He’s toured across North America to perform his popular covers and new singles, appearing on shows like TigerBeat, Entertainment Tonight Canada and BT Toronto.

  • "Helicopter" LIVE Acoustic Performance on Breakfast Television Toronto

    Christian Lalama
  • I Fall Apart - Carson Lueders & Christian Lalama (Cover)

    Christian Lalama

    Christian Lalama
  • HYPEBEAST SHOPPING IN LA *crazy pickup*

    Christian Lalama