Dana Wilson


Dana Wilson is a bright and vivacious content creator, choreographer, and performer. She illuminates everything she crosses from the worlds biggest stages to smallest cell phone screens. Although she is best known for performing along side Justin Timberlake (on three world tours and at last year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show), Dana’s feature in Dance Magazine declares her “Anything But A Backup Dancer”.

For years, she has been contributing choreography and movement coaching to some of today’s biggest names in entertainment.  Dana also makes up one third of the wildly original and imaginative group “The Seaweed Sisters” (adored and admired by a wide range of audiences from toddlers and their parents to the screens of Dance Camera West, and the Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival).  

Dana has been teaching for over thirteen years, and she is constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques (like 360 degree video, VR and Drones).  She draws inspiration from every corner of the dance world, from street styles to social dances, and Mime to Burlesque. Most distinguishable by her refined yet bizarre style always calling on a healthy sense of humor sure to leave a smile on every face.

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