Gage Wayne


Gage Wayne is a Cincinnati native now residing in Los Angeles, California. He is a dancer, educator, and choreographer that has been working professionally since the age of 16. He has been included in performances and videos with artists such as Pressley Tennant, Toni Braxton, Patrick Starr, Elton Castee, as well as being part of the creative team for multiple up & coming artists. His TV and Film credits include: Promo Commercials for American Horror Story, The Greatest Showman Live Commercial, Radio Disney, Masked Singer, Netflix Original Musical “A Week Away”, and Youtube’s series “Boss Cheer”.

Gage fell in love with teaching and educating at a young age, while teaching at his home studio. Following this passion, along with dance, he is sought out from multiple dance studios around the country for his vibrant energy, positive push in class, and his unique way of leaving his students craving for more. Gage’s choreography can be recognized with artists such as Matt Mackey, Chasing Jonah, and more! While being a prominent choreographer in the industry, Gage has also received numerous awards and choreography recognition at regional and national dance competitions all over the states!

Gage began his training at the age of 10 in Cincinnati, Ohio. By his outstanding drive, professional etiquette, and incredible talent, Gage was easily recognized by many teachers and choreographers! He was awarded the PULSE protege scholarship at the age of 15 and got to training closely with faculty members Mia Michaels, Brian Friedman, Dave Scott, Tyce Dioriro, and Chris Judd! He has also had the opportunity to work alongside choreographers, Mollee Gray, Kyle Hanagami, Rosero McCoy, and many more!

After moving to Los Angeles, Gage completed his bachelors degree in Entertainment Business and is now an active member in the contemporary company, Mayhem Dance Fusion, under the direction of Mitchel Federan. Gage’s love for dance excels in his award winning choreography, incomparable teaching techniques, and his dependable approach to the newest and most seasoned dancers. Dancers will leave Gage’s workplace excited, eager, and comfortable! There is no doubt that you won’t be disappointed with staying enGAGEd with Gage Wayne!

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