Janusz Libicki


Janush Libicki was raised in Warsaw, Poland. He started his dance journey at 16 years old, quickly realizing, he wanted to pursue a career in dance. A year later he began professional work in Poland. After a while he decided to reach for his ultimate dream – to become a professional dancer in Los Angeles.

At 21 he obtained an O1 work visa, based on his work with some of the biggest artists in the Polish music industry, and moved to Los Angeles. In the short two years of his career in the US he has worked with some of the most respected musicians and choreographers in the industry. His first job was the Billboard Music Awards 2018 with Janet Jackson. That same year Janush went on an Australian Tour with Usher, then returning for one-of performances in 2019. He went on to work with Christina Aguilera on her 2019 Vegas Residency “The Xperience”. He’s also worked with Hailee Steinfeld, Gwen Stefani, Eve, Ariana Grande and Kanye West.

Janush has found an incredible passion in teaching and educating fellow dancers in the last 2 years. His hunger for sharing the knowledge obtained, while working with some of the most respected choreographers and creative directors in the world, would go hand in hand with his quickly growing industry experience.

As a teacher Janush takes pride in conveying a point with every class. He never focuses on simply the choreography. He believes in dance there is always a message. There is an infinite amount of knowledge to be dissected and absorbed from every single step.

  • My Love - Justin Timberlake choreography by Janush

  • Janush Choreography - Rainforest by GZ

  • Janush and Macy collab choreography Talk - LocateEmilio feat Indica

  • Janush Choreography - So High by Doja Cat