-Jean “Splack” Robert


As of August 2017:

729k followers on Facebook

1.1M followers on Instagram

13k followers on Twitter

Jean Robert Toussaint Jr, born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Recieved his Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Performance Fine Arts from Florida A&M University. Soon after Jean moved to Los Angeles, to further his education and attended New York Film Academy where he earned his Master’s in Film/Television. After receiving his master’s degree, he attended Second City Improv school where he developed the love for improvisation and sketch comedy. However, Jean was facing financial difficulties as he was kicked out of his apartment and was forced to crash on his friends couch and even live in his own car. Shortly after, Jean found a job at the Roosevelt Hotel, which helped him save enough to find a place of his own and continue to pursue his acting career.

In 2012, an app called Vine was released where it allowed people to create 6 second videos. Jean took it upon himself to create videos, where he gained over 300k followers within a few months and started making money through vine. He decided to quit his job and pursue social media and become an influencer. Now in 2016, he has built a social media presence and is known as “Splack” on his platform by creating funny and creative videos. With over a total of 1.6 Million followers throughout his platforms, he is able to make a living without working a 9-5 job and pursue his career full time.

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