Jess Cummings


Jess Cummings was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Early on in her dance career, she was given the opportunity to join the crew “Extreme,” with whom she went on to represent Canada at the World Hip Hop Championships (Hip Hop International). In 2004, “Extreme” brought home gold for Canada, redefining the boundaries for all-female crews around the world. After gaining her footing in the professional dance world, Jess began performing in various cities around the globe. One of her most memorable experiences was working with former Cirque du Soleil director and Emmy Award winning choreographer Deborah Brown with whom she traveled to various cities including; Beirut, Park City, Brampton, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Montreal performing in the Line 1 tour.

Throughout her career, Jess continued to grow as a dancer training at prestigious studios such as; Broadway Dance Center, Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds, and Movement Lifestyle, and attending conventions such as; the Pulse and Monsters of Hip Hop. In the summer of 2015, she was selected amongst hundreds of dancers to be part of the esteemed Monsters of Hip Hop Show in Los Angeles, California where she performed the choreography of some of the industry’s leading choreographers; Tony Testa, Luther Brown, Rhapsody James, Luam, Nick Demoura, Jaquel Knight and more. They say timing is everything, and this couldn’t have been truer for Jess, as following the Monsters of Hip Hop show, she received her visa allowing her to move to Los Angeles in February 2016. This has allowed her to expand her knowledge of the craft and share her passion on a much larger scale. As such, Jess has been fortunate enough to dance for artists; Nytrix, Neon Hitch, Taylor Dayne, Sister Sledge, Martha Wash, and Jaden Chase and for world renowned companies; the NBA, We Day, Make Up Forever and Just for Laughs. Most recently, Jess was honored to have been selected by legendary choreographer Brian Friedman to be a part of the workshop process for an upcoming show to debut in Las Vegas; Mob Musical. During the workshop process, she also had to opportunity to work for choreographers Willdabeast, Janelle Ginestra and Shannon Mathers. Since then, Jess has been made an official member of Will and Janelle’s world-renowned company; Immabeast.

In addition to her love of performing, Jess also loves giving back to the upcoming and current generation as an instructor. She can be found teaching at various studios throughout Canada and the United States (most recently Millennium Dance Complex) and continuously strives to spread her passion of dance with those around her in being a role model for young dancers aspiring to one day set out to achieve their dreams, whether that be in dance or other areas of their lives.

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