Jocelyn Ayanna



Jocelyn hails from the Magic City itself, Birmingham, Alabama.  Since she was kneehigh to a grasshopper, she’s only wanted to do two things:  become a lawyer and become an actor.  It didn’t make sense to anyone but her.  It still doesn’t and that’s ok.

Chasing her love of social justice after graduating from law school, she worked in the legal field as well as on political campaigns. After spending about 39 seconds in Washington, D.C., Jocelyn knew she was out of her element because she naively thought that everyone there was focused on changing the world and social justice. They are not. D.C. is Hollywood for ugly, ruthless people who think gluten is a muscle.

So in 2010, she finally faced her greatest desire and her greatest fear: acting.   She moved back to Hollywood where people are beautiful and ruthless and completely understand what the hell gluten is!  In September of 2010, Jocelyn got and booked her first audition!  It was OUTLAW, with Jimmy Smits. And then nothing happened for a year. Then she booked her second audition for a film directed by James Franco, SAL. And then nothing happened for a year.

But then in August of 2012, something happened. With great representation behind her, Jocelyn started booking and hasn’t stopped. She booked SCANDAL, MODERN FAMILY, CRIMINAL MINDS, NCIS, SHAMELESS, JUSTIFIED and many, many other gigs; and has booked & shot over 65 co-star & guest star television and film roles in total!!  Her momentum continues and she’s proven to be a very sought after character actress!

In a town where you could be homeless on Tuesday (which she has been) and a series regular by Thursday (still working on this one), Jocelyn, although eternally grateful for all the work thus far, knows that you can’t be a one-trick pony in this one-horse town, so now she’s tackling writing, so she can create her own big break!