Julia Ling



Julia is most notably known for her work on prime time television in shows like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, HOUSE, ER, GREY’S ANATOMY, THE OC, 8 SIMPLE RULES, THE DEEP END and the critically acclaimed Aaron Sorkin series, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. She garnered a huge following from her regular role as the popular “nerd-herder” Anna Wu on CHUCK. This action-comedy garnered international support, and Ling was voted as “No.1 Woman of Geek Culture” by G4TV.  Julia also appeared on the short-lived FOX sitcom, I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER, voiced a sketch in Chinese for Conan O’Brien, and performed opposite Academy Award winner Adrien Brody in the movie, HIGH SCHOOL.

After voicing the live action character “Izumi” for the video game, COMMAND AND CONQUER (EA), Ling toured the world to raise money for charities. In the 2007 Jackie Chan Disciples martial arts competition, Ling was selected as a Finalist to compete in the International Top 100 and won “Best Acting Award” for her performance.

As a dancer, her first award-winning solo performance aired on national television when she was eight years old. At 16, she was selected as a State Finalist in the “Miss America Pageant” and was awarded by Congressman David Dreier for over one hundred hours of volunteer service to her local hospital. After nine years of playing the piano, Ling received a diploma from the Royal Board of Music. She graduated high school second in her class with a 4.0 GPA and perfect SAT scores, then went on to UCLA where she majored in chemical engineering and became Vice President of Engineering Society and an honorary member of Society of Women Engineers. She also received the UCLA professional certificate in film producing.

She also directed some commercials and won the Anne Frank Researcher Award for her filmmaking efforts on a historical documentary.


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