Kathryn Burns


With her refreshing and innovative style, unique training, and unparalleled creativity, newly minted 2016 Emmy Award winning choreographer Kathryn Burns has become Hollywood’s toast of the town. As the groundbreaking choreographer behind the hilarious watercooler moments on CW’s critically acclaimed hit television series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” Kathryn stood apart in her Emmy category, and her peers took notice. Her three Emmy winning dance performances include “I’m So Good at Yoga,” “Settle for Me,” and “A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes.”

Animated, charismatic, and witty to a T, Kathryn Burns made a name for herself as one of the hardest working and most in-demand television choreographers in Tinseltown. In addition to “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” her brilliant choreography has been featured in Netflix’s “Wet Hot American Summer,” Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele,” CBS’ “2 Broke Girls,” and Adult Swim’s “Children’s Hospital” just to name a few.

Originally from Texas, Kathryn moved to Los Angeles to hone her craft by performing and choreographing at the prestigious Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB). The years of unique hands on training that she received here is where Kathryn ingeniously combined comedy with dance, creating a limitless style all her own. While at UCB, she created innovative and laugh out loud choreography for Hollywood’s comedic legends, including Amy Poehler who she worked with in the UCB film FREAK DANCE. Kathryn still performs regularly at UCB where she can be seen every month starring in “Quick & Funny Musicals.”

The 2016 Emmy for “Outstanding Choreography” isn’t the only accolade under Kathryn’s belt. She was recognized in both 2016 & 2017 by winning The World Choreography Award for “Best Choreography in a Television Episode” for her breakout work on “Key and Peele” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. Along with the original dances that she creates for the small screen, Kathryn has worked with numerous recording artists including the dancers alongside Pharrell Williams on the iconic “Happy” music video, which won her and the team a Grammy for “Best Music Video of the Year.”

With an unwavering passion, skill and imagination for dance, television, film and comedy, Kathryn Burns is a new pioneering force in choreography. Audiences worldwide will continue to be astonished by her remarkable work as she tirelessly makes her mark dancing through Hollywood.

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