Katja Glieson


As of November 2018:

2.7M Followers on Tik Tok

742K Followers on Instagram
3% Engagement

56K Followers on Twitter

@Katja Glieson
66K Subscribers on YouTube (Main Channel)

@Katja Glieson VLOGS
60K Subscribers on YouTube (Vlog Channel)

A singer and dancer from very young, Katja grew up overweight (200lbs) and was bullied because of it. After getting healthy, Katja has become an inspiration to her fans, which are collectively called ’KATJATORS’.

Katja’s latest release is an urban/pop crossover featuring King Bach entitled ‘Come Thru’, or as she describes the track: “Aussie girl boss demands attention and respect in throwback urban
glam record”, which has had over 2 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

Katja has more than 1 million musical.ly fans, where her popular videos often amass millions of views and reach a huge young audience. She is also known for her comedy Instagram sketches where she highlights her down to earth, quirky personality along with her alter ego ‘Dirty Gerty’. She has her own daily VLOG channel on YouTube as well as her main YouTube channel for music with millions of views. Katja was also one of the first livestreaming stars being featured in Adweek as ‘The Songstress’, and continues to livestream on various platforms to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

  • Come Thru Official Music Video - Katja Glieson ft King Bach

    Katja Glieson 20170812
  • SNOW WHITE vs ELSA: Princess Rap Battle (Whitney Avalon ft. Katja Glieson) *explicit*

    Whitney Avalon 20140917