Keenan Reed


Born and raised in Fresno, CA, the birth place of Popping, Keenan Reed suffered from an insatiable, innate desire to move whenever music played, prompting his parents to enroll him in Hip Hop classes at the young age of 8.  It was at The Dance Studio of Fresno that he would spend the next 11 years training in Hip Hop choreography and freestyle.  A phone call in June of 2012 carried a message of new opportunity; a job working for an after school enrichment program for kids known as LA’s BEST.  By the end of September Keenan was living in LA at age 20 earning representation from Clear Talent Group after his first open audition.

Keenan spent the next 4 years training with a plethora of established educators and choreographers at world renowned studios such as Millennium Dance Complex (MDC), Debbie Reynolds, and Movement Lifestyle.  Now at the age of 24 he has worked with Brooke Lipton, Zach Woodley, NappyTabs, Chris Scott, Kyle Hanagami, and more.  His notable achievements include Glee, Suburgatory, Kirby Buckets, and national commercials for Just Dance 5 and Sleep Number.

For the last 6 years Keenan has refined his teaching curriculum for kids and adults of all skill levels in the art of Hip Hop choreography, freestyle technique, and emotional expression as an outlet for troubled minds.  Although containing a fierce love for performing, his real passion lies in educating others.  Keenan’s current style is a fusion of old school popping technique and strong contemporary Hip Hop fueled by precision musicality which he defines as “the personification of music”, a concept derived from his efforts in truly bringing all aspects and intricacies of music to visual life through dance; a byproduct of 10 years of drumming education accentuating 16 years of dance training.  Keenan’s innovative teaching curriculum focuses on providing lessons to his students that transcend Hip Hop to all genres of dance, art, and areas of life using choreography as a vessel.

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