Matt Luck


Matt Luck, a Los Angeles based choreographer and dancer, originally comes from Ohio where he trained with Z Company Dance.  After years of assisting and teaching classes of his own, Matt made the move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the commercial world of dance.  He has had the opportunity to perform with Taylor Swift at The American Music Awards as well as on FOX’s television show “Glee.”  Matt’s current artistic focus is choreographing and dancing for mystical-pop band, Figs Vision— founded by Jordan Spoliansky and Gunner Sixx.  Together the band and performers merge the world of dance and live music while working through structured choreography and improvisational tasks.  Matt had the opportunity to choreograph their latest music video “Elle Your Walking” featuring co-perfomrers: Maddi Burg, Angelica DeWitt, Savannah Harrison and Ty Wells.  Matt’s main focus for creating started in 2013 when he produced an evening length show titled  “Regretless” in collaboration with Emily Shock and musician Richard Walters.  He is currently a faculty member of the Adrenaline Dance Convention and has been a company member of Justin Giles’ “SoulEscape”.  Most recently Matt completed the 2016 Gaga Winter Intensive held at Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Aside from training, Matt has been able to teach all throughout Europe in countries such as London, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Italy and in has performed in London based Dance Adventures “Best of British”.  Alongside choreographing and dancing, Matt fuels his extensive interest in filmmaking through college courses and is constantly creating short films that mesh the two worlds of dance and film.  Some of Matt’s films, including “Dancing in the Dark” which was created in collaboration with Emma Portner, have had the chance to be featured in various events such as “SourceEcreative”, in an episode of “Artgrease”, as well as on tour with artist Ben Riddle.  Matt is constantly searching for new adventures and is so grateful for all the opportunities he has had so far in his life.