Noelle Marsh


Noelle Marsh began her career at the age of 18 when she took on the fox hit series So You Think You Can Dance and earned a place as a top ten finalist. Following the show she has appeared on tv episodes like Glee, The Voice, The X Factor, House, Parks and Recreation, Dancing With The Stars, Bones and Ellen Degenres. She has performed on award shows including the Video Music Awards, Oscars, Billboard awards and has performed with Beyonce, J-Lo, Gwen Stefani, and The Wanted to name a few. Noelle toured the U.S. as a company member of Shaping Sound and has worked alongside Emmy winning choreographer Mia Michaels over the years as her assistant. Noelle currently resides in Los Angeles where she regularly teaches at Academy of Dance Westlake and continues to pursue her passion of performing and creating. Tackling different areas of the industry, she has ambitions of expressing her voice as a choreographer and director as her career unfolds.

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