Nolan Padilla


Living in Los Angeles, CA. for the past decade and a half,  Nolan Padilla has danced with some of the biggest artists in the industry as well as performed on many of the world’s biggest stages.  From Mary J. Blige to Taylor Swift. From Cirque Du Soleil to “The 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show” with Katy Perry.  Nolan has proven himself a force in the dance world.  With an undeniable passion for music and movement, he continues to share “His Groove”  with the world.   Recently having the opportunities to be Contributing Choreographer/Dancer on Taylor Swift’s “1989 World Tour”; Choreographer for Boys II Men,   Assistant Choreographer for “The Disneyland 60th Anniversary Special” with Dick Van Dyke,  Selena Gomez’s “Revival Tour”, Asst. Creative Director for Meghan Trainor’s “Untouchable Tour” and Associate Choreographer for Step Up “All In”.  Nolan’s passion and dedication for his art continues to grow stronger with every step.

For the past decade Nolan has been on Faculty at one of the top dance studios in Hollywood, Ca. The Edge Performing Arts Center and continues to have one of the most popular classes at The Edge. He has worked with the Los Angeles Dance Force and West Coast Dance Explosion Conventions and currently works with Dance Excellence. He has traveled the world teaching master classes and workshops to massive groups and also offers private instruction as well. Unbelievably charismatic, Nolan exudes an air of simplicity in an extremely complicated industry. His teaching style is all inclusive; high energy, fundamental basics, challenging choreography and musicality, as well as having a passionate, witty, and fun approach to sharing industry knowledge for the aspiring professional dancer.

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