Sawyer Sharbino


As of July 2021:


1.2 M subscribers on YouTube
828.4K followers on Tik Tok
1M followers on Instagram
2.2% Engagement
25K followers on Twitter

Sawyer Sharbino is an actor, musician, and content creator. Following in the footsteps of his sisters Brighton and Saxon Sharbino, Sawyer knew he wanted to pursue his dreams of being an entertainer. At the young age of 14 Sawyer has already been featured in multiple television series, racked up over 128 million views on his youtube channel, and has a following reaching over 2.5 million over all his platforms! A boy of many talents also has a big heart, Sawyer wants to create a world of kindness and has teamed up with National Bullying Prevention Center to end teen bullying. Taking his time to develop his own sound Sawyer will be releasing his single “The World” in early 2021. With other hidden talents such as solving a Rubiks cube in less a minute Sawyer is an enigma and force to be reckoned with!

  • Sawyer Sharbino - Put You First (Official Music Video) **My First Single**🎵💕 piper rockelle coco