-The Williams Family


Instagram: 246k

Facebook: 594k

These four dancers are all biological siblings known as The Williams Family. They have been training at Chapkis Dance Family for the past ten years and love to make dance videos for their 246k Instagram followers and 594k Facebook fans. While dancing with Chapkis, they have been involved in the winning of many dance competitions such as: 1st place in Hip-Hop International USA, 2nd place in Hip-Hop International Worlds, World of Dance Bay Area, and Dance2Dance in Switzerland. The Williams Family has also been seen on the TV show, Americas Got Talent and made it to the semifinals to perform at Radio City Hall in New York City. Recently, they have been touring Europe teaching classes in Holland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany and Ukraine.

  • #ICAN Kick It with The Williams Family

    The Williams Family 20170818
  • Shining- ft. Montana Tucker

    The Williams Family 20170520
  • I'm The One

    The Williams Family 20170519
  • Pop My Trunk

    The Williams Family 20170428